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My work tends to focus on the natural world, the dappled sunlight through a forest canopy, the ripples and eddies in a fast moving stream, the meandering flight of insects over a woodland meadow. It is a world to be explored, experienced, and to be absorbed into. I feel we are interconnected with this planet. There are times when we feel separate from the natural world, though with senses wide open, and with each step into it, it brings an infinite amount of new discoveries, with a sense of wonder. 

After spending time out in the woods absorbing what is around me, the studio is where my imagination takes over. I start with a figure, after the figure is well established the painting takes on a life of it’s own, turning into a visual story or long daydream about our relationship with nature.


I work in all painting mediums, finding oils more satisfying, utilizing many thin layers for the richness and depth that one gets from them. 

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